The Imperfect Pilgrim and One Summer

"The Imperfect Pilgrim and One Summer" cover

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Following on the success of his earlier work Lilly and Peggy, Ron Tomanio presents two new stories!

The Imperfect Pilgrim: Lilly Fenwick’s best friend was her English Setter Peggy until, tragically, Peggy died in an accident.  Two years have passed, and the grieving Lilly has found new friends in Rustam Payman, an elderly history professor; Allison Peterson, a girl her own age; another English Setter, Beatrice; and a mysterious hermit who has come to visit her in dreams.  Lilly is convinced that she and her family—including Beatrice—and Rustam must go on pilgrimage together, but how are they to manage the trip with a dog? 

One Summer takes the reader to the world of Annie and her faithful Golden Retriever Jessie.  Every year, Annie’s family spends the summer in a beach cottage, but this year Annie finds that although she is welcome everywhere, Jessie is less popular.  As vacation begins to lose its charm for Annie, she discovers a way that she and Jessie might just be able to salvage the situation….


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