The Chalice of Life

The Chalice of Life cover

Thalas: a world on the brink of civil war. The Carotian Union: a nascent confederation of planets at the edge of destruction. Eliander: a prince lost millennia ago to the flow of normal space-time. On a world where both magic and technology function, seven extraordinay souls set out on the Quest of the Lost Prince. Passionate mystics, honest thieves, and a silver-tongued bard with a penchant for instigating barroom brawls: what the Carotian goddess Minissa was thinking when she selected them, she alone knows. Inconceivable dangers await them around every turn on worlds they never knew existed. But such trivialities never deter a band of true heroes... 

Adventurers of the Carotian Union
Paperback: 978-1-896944-33-3
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